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LaVerne Dixon, Ph.D. is founder and president of the Center for Holistic Health Organization. Dr. Dixon is also a metaphysician; she holds credentials as a national board certified drugless practitioner specializing in mind-body medicine within the field of complementary and integrative health. She has over 20 years of combined experience advancing broad-scale holistic education programs, behavioral-change initiatives, and evidence-based pilot research for prevention of chronic disease among youth and adults. Dr. Dixon has experience operating her private holistic counseling practice as well as performing as an alternative health practitioner (for disease intervention) in a traditional family medical clinic. She has conducted extensive work collaborating with multiple stakeholders on a statewide and national level to improve the quality of health and transform the lives of individuals representing a diverse population with various socio-economic status. Moreover, Dr. Dixon has significant experience advancing K-12 public education initiatives in the role of state leader. She holds a Ph.D. in Metaphysics, a doctor of divinity on health, and a master of public administration.


The “Crippling of America: Irony of public education and strategies for healing an infectious system” book is written as a conversation with Americans for helping individuals understand societal issues associated with inadequate public education. Our book (Crippling of America) sheds light the root causes of intellectual paralysis in society; while exposing landmines in public schools that are crippling children, youth, families, communities, and society. Crippling of America is a must-read book for anyone desiring knowledge about the undercurrent within the public education system, strategies for recalibrating public schools, and methods for restoring the foundation of America.


“My life is a story of survival” is the anthem for millions of school-age-children within the United States. Our goal is to prevent the shipwreck (and casualties) of children/youth; by creating a culture of health within public schools across the United States. America’s children/youth are deserving of participating in a safe, nurturing, and compassionate school environment as well as having a positive experience from entering kindergarten throughout twelfth grade; and beyond.


We (Center for Holistic Health Organization) are committed to improving the mind-body wellness of public school educators (and other caregiving professionals serving in loco parentis of school-age children); preventing childhood trauma, and cultivating youth as emerging leaders. One person, connected with others for a common cause, can make a difference. We hope you will help our organization protect the health and education of school-age-children; individuals who are the future of America!



La Verne Dixon, PhD

Chairman of Advisory Board and Business Leader

Adam H. White, III is founder and president of and Strength Leadership. Mr. White is a national business leader specializing in purpose-driven leadership and human potential. He is also the author of several best-selling books and an expert pertaining to concepts on the psychology of human behavior and success. He is a distinguished motivational speaker and influential leadership expert. Mr. White is also the executive producer of his self-help YouTube and Podcast series; which has a significant public audience. He also serves as a contributing author to careers-in-government/ GovTalk, which has over 15 million Twitter followers. Moreover, Mr. White is the author of numerous motivational and educational audio programs; creator of online training courses designed to help people expand knowledge and personal development. Mr. White has over 10 years of human-potential research experience, and he utilizes talent presenting behavioral-change strategies to empower adult audiences across the United States. Mr. White serves as a business leader and chairman of the Center for Holistic Health-National Advisory Board

As business leaders, we must perform the role of helping public schools ensure America maintain prominence as a fortified nation; collaborating with the Center for Holistic Health Organization is a great first step (and essential aspect) for healing our public schools, protecting vulnerable children, and ensuring continued economic prosperity for America.  Public schools should not be required to develop children alone; we recognize it takes a united society to cultivate the inner-talent of children (for serving as future employees, global business leaders, and productive citizens). Equally important, it takes individual stakeholders to raise the level of expectations.  
Supporting our public education system is a process for collaboration among civic, social, faith-based organizations, business leaders, and other public stakeholders (as tax-paying citizens). I encourage you to join our national advisory board to assist with advancing the Center for Holistic Health mission of improving our public schools, protecting children, and healing America!


With Kind Regards,

Adam White, III


Other Affiliates
  • Former Secretary of PA Department of Education

  • Pennsylvania Teacher's Association

  • Johns Hopkins University

  • Harrisburg University for Science and Technology

  • Penn State Health Sciences and Medical School

  • American Public Health Association

  • American Holistic Health Association

  • American Association of Drugless Practitioners

  • National Institutes Center for Integrative Health

  • National Institute of Psychotherapy

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