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The Center for Holistic Health (CFHH) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission of improving the mind-body health, education, culture, and life quality of children, youth, and adults within the United States. The CFHH organization serves as a catalyst for self-transformation and change-agent; with goals of creating healthier people, sustainable families, productive communities, and a safer society. Since incorporation in year 2005, CFHH has provided innovative methods for addressing the emotional, physical, and environmental needs of people through holistic modalities advancing concepts in areas of education as well as complementary and integrative health.



1. Advocacy: Preventing childhood trauma within school-and-home environments across the USA.

2. Advocacy: Serving as a catalyst for public policy ensuring the best interest of school-age children.

3. Education: Developing programs for cultivating public school youth (age 10-14) as emerging leaders;

4. Education: Providing programs and supportive activities for vulnerable adults and at-risk children;

5. Training: Improving the culture and environment (for safety) within America’s public schools;

6. Training: Providing wellness programs for educators (and other caregiving professionals);

7. Training: Conducting regional training and national conferences on healing public schools.


  • Preventing Childhood Trauma of children/youth in public schools and home environments;

  • Improving the emotional and physical stamina of public school educators, administrators & staff;

  • Improving the mind-body wellness of adult caregivers serving in loco parentis of children/youth;

  • Reviving the core of human potential; motivating public school educators for leadership mindset;

  • Cultivating middle-school youth as entrepreneurs; creating pathways for success in school and life.


  • Leading educational training and informational programs (Regionally);

  • Initiating, collaborating, and facilitating a National Conference (Annually);

  • Establishing partnerships with stakeholders on regional, state, and national level.


-The Center for Holistic Health organization maintains an overarching goal of protecting the health and life of children as well as safeguarding their future through methods of improving the mental and physical wellness of adults who serve in the role as leaders, educators, and caregivers.

-In the year 2009, the Center for Holistic Incorporated was honored with a Mayor’s Proclamation recognizing initiatives and successful collaboration with a diverse range of education entities, civic/social groups, and faith-based organizations for improving the health, education, and life quality of children, youth and adults. The honorable document proclaims December 15 of each year as CENTER FOR HOLISTIC HEALTH DAY.

-The Center for Holistic Health has conducted diverse pilot-research projects and training programs to advance population health initiatives, education, leadership, and cultivating human potential among youth and adults.

-The Center for Holistic Health organization conducts initiatives in partnership with practitioners, public schools, civic/social groups, education, business, and industry leaders, and associations from across the United States.



Phone: 717.376.7204 (office)

Phone: 717.565.0016 (direct)

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Center for Holistic Health, Inc.

P.O. Box 61206

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17106

Phone: 717.376.7204 (office)

Phone: 717.565.0016 (direct)


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Center for Holistic Health Incorporated is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization

P.O. Box 61206
Harrisburg, PA
Phone: 717.376.7204 (office)
Phone: 717.565.0016 (direct)

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